CAMG is comprised of professionals with a vast amount of experience in the direct response and legal marketing industries. Every member of our team brings a significant amount of expertise to the table to form a focused, efficient, marketing channel for all of our clients.


photo of Steve Nober

Steve Nober

President & CEO
photo of Mike Vizvary

Mike Vizvary

COO/Managing Partner

photo of Shelly Silveri

Shelly Silveri

Chief Operating Officer
photo of David Koenig

David Koenig

Chief Technology Officer
photo of Christina Gibson

Christina Gibson

Chief Financial Officer
photo of Jenn Robertson

Jenn Robertson

SVP, Business Development
photo of Chris Muldaur

Chris Muldaur

SVP, Media
photo of Michelle Zygelman

Michelle Zygelman

SVP, Client Services
photo of Orlando Barcenas

Orlando Barcenas

VP, Operations
photo of Betsy Ray

Betsy Ray

VP, Client Services
photo of Wade Young

Wade Young

VP, Human Resources


photo of Christopher Princis

Christopher Princis

VP, Business Development
photo of Percival de la Rosa

Percival de la Rosa

VP, Digital Media
photo of Sandy Dibble

Sandy Dibble

Local Media Director
photo of Barry Ross

Barry Ross

National Sales Director, Telemarketing Services
photo of Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall

Senior Director, Business Development
photo of Daniel Donnelly

Daniel Donnelly

Director, Business Development
photo of Mike Riemann

Mike Riemann

Director, Business Development
photo of Joseph Wahl

Joseph Wahl

Director, Business Development
photo of Jack Scott

Jack Scott

Account Executive
photo of Leo Niederriter

Leo Niederriter

Account Executive
photo of Robert Lockerby

Robert Lockerby

Account Coordinator
photo of Kate Herrera

Kate Herrera

Project Manager, Marketing
photo of Julie Koteles

Julie Koteles

Executive Assistant to CEO
photo of Ashley Durand

Ashley Durand

Media Buyer
photo of Miracle Isidro

Miracle Isidro

Media Buyer
photo of Nicolas Clapp

Nicolas Clapp

Junior Media Buyer
photo of Erika Rylow

Erika Rylow

Jr Planner/Media Buyer
photo of Chavon Finks

Chavon Finks

Traffic Coordinator
photo of Gail Zimmerman

Gail Zimmerman

Data and Reporting Manager
photo of Sara Urena

Sara Urena

Media Reports Specialist
photo of Alyse Yourist

Alyse Yourist

Manager, Talent & Recruiting
photo of Iryna Karsanova

Iryna Karsanova

Staff Accountant
photo of Elena Demate

Elena Demate

Staff Accountant
photo of Oksana ILer

Oksana ILer

Data Entry Specialist, Accounting
photo of Minerva Perez

Minerva Perez

CACS Manager
photo of Megan Jarvis

Megan Jarvis

Call Center Supervisor
photo of Alexa Castaneda

Alexa Castaneda

Senior Team Lead - Processing
photo of Ryan Wunderlin

Ryan Wunderlin

Senior Team Lead - Call Center
photo of Steve Renshaw

Steve Renshaw

Processing Team Lead
photo of Zell Quinn

Zell Quinn

Call Center Team Lead
photo of Joseph Tomsco

Joseph Tomsco

Call Center Team Lead
photo of Janice Tucker

Janice Tucker

Call Center Team Lead
photo of Dana Grooms

Dana Grooms

Call Center Quality Control
photo of Juan Castrejon

Juan Castrejon

Technical Support Manager
photo of Diane Marshall

Diane Marshall


Contract Services

photo of Julie Payne

Julie Payne

Shipping Clerk
photo of Patria Caceres

Patria Caceres

Packet Processing Clerk
photo of Wendy Escobar

Wendy Escobar

Packet Processing Clerk
photo of Dominic Goetz

Dominic Goetz

Call Center Representative
photo of Erika Shepler

Erika Shepler

Call Center Representative
photo of Jasmine Arafat

Jasmine Arafat

Contract Processing Clerk
photo of Jules Boyele

Jules Boyele

Call Center Representative
photo of Lucretia Lineberger

Lucretia Lineberger

Call Center Representative
photo of Melissa Perez

Melissa Perez

Call Center Representative
photo of Todd Nielsen

Todd Nielsen

Call Center Representative
photo of Jessica Valeria

Jessica Valeria

Contract Processing Clerk
photo of Amanda Hefley

Amanda Hefley

Quality Control
photo of Damyan Sanchez

Damyan Sanchez

Quality Control
photo of Izamar Hernandez

Izamar Hernandez

Quality Control
photo of Adrian Luces

Adrian Luces

Data Processor
photo of Alan Hoffman

Alan Hoffman

Call Center Representative
photo of Amalya Abrahamyan

Amalya Abrahamyan

Call Center Representative

photo of Kingsley


Head Honcho
photo of Daisy


Assistant to the Head Honcho
photo of Winston


Co-Head Honcho
CAMG is a special place…not only because we’re located in one of the most beautiful cities in the country but also because we’re populated by some of the smartest people in the industry. Big brains. Small egos. And we’re always looking to add more. Feel free to contact us about our open positions and tell us where you fit in.